try! Swift NYC 2018

What I learned creating a social media app clone

4th September 2018

try! Swift NYC Conference 2018 - try! Swift is an immersive community gathering about Apple Technologies, Swift Language Best Practices, Application Development in Swift, Server-Side Swift, Open Source Swift, and the Swift Community in New York!

Topic - What I learned creating a social media app clone

Speaker - Jen Person

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Bio - Jen is a Developer Advocate for Firebase at Google. She loves building iOS apps with Swift and planning the ideal data structures for various apps using Cloud Firestore. Jen is currently co-starring with JavaScript in a buddy cop comedy where the two don't see eye to eye but are forced to work together, eventually forming a strong loving bond through a series of hilarious misadventures.

Abstract - Ever look at an app and think, 'I wonder how I'd build that?' After scrolling through Instagram looking at cat photos, I decided to try my hand at building some of its features to determine how I'd tackle common development challenges. In this talk I share what I learned, including tips for designing a scalable data structure in a NoSQL database and implementing smooth scrolling with dynamically downloaded images.

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