try! Swift NYC 2018

Strings Seven Ways

4th September 2018

try! Swift NYC Conference 2018 - try! Swift is an immersive community gathering about Apple Technologies, Swift Language Best Practices, Application Development in Swift, Server-Side Swift, Open Source Swift, and the Swift Community in New York!

Topic - Strings Seven Ways

Speaker - Mattt

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Bio - Mattt is the founder of Flight School, a monthly book series for Swift developers. He spent the last 3 years at Apple as a technical writer, contributing to The Swift Programming Language, Swift Package Manager, and Before that, Mattt founded NSHipster, a weekly publication for iOS and macOS developers, and maintained several open source libraries, including AFNetworking and Alamofire.

Abstract - Strings are the most versatile type in the Swift standard library. This talk looks at seven different ways to understand and work with strings: as collections of Unicode characters, as identifiers, as paths, as natural language text, as encoded data, as structured data, and as typographic content.

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