Laracon EU Amsterdam 2015

So You Can Code... Now What? - Ben Corlett

25th August 2015

This talk was given at Laracon EU 2015. Visit for more talks.

You've read the articles, you've watched the Laracasts, you're a bit of a guru now. You're ready to go and take the world by storm! Just one thing stands in your way, clients. Ben's talk will diverge down the exciting, scary and often unclear journey from writing code to running a digital agency or becoming a successful freelancer. Sub-topics to be discussed include managing client expectations, the justification of architectural decisions, estimating, and of course, getting paid. In addition to drawing from his own experiences, Ben will hold on-stage interviews with prominent entrepreneurs in the Laravel community. Further, interactive audience participation will lead to a culmination of knowledge in a dynamic hour of learning and exploring that will help equip the next good coder to make a career of it!