Amsterdam JSNation 2018

Persistence Cycle: A Successful Structure for Isomorphic Apps - Oliver Spindler

31st May 2018

Talk recording from Amsterdam JSNation 2018 Conference

Persistence Cycle - A Successful Structure for Isomorphic Apps

Isomorphic (also known as Universal) JavaScript apps have been described as the "Holy Grail" of web development. Developers don't have to write redundant code on the server and the client. Users get the best experience, with both fast initial load and even faster subsequent page views. Googlebot is happy, too, not having to execute client side JS to crawl your site. And with React, Vue and Angular all supporting server side rendering on Node.js, this is more achievable than ever. In this talk, I'll talk about a simple structure for sharing state between server and browser that we at BCGDV Berlin have successfully used in four products we launched in the last 18 months.