Node.js Interactive North America 2016

Let’s Crank Up the Volume: A Deep Dive into the Crankshaft Compiler

29th November 2016

Crankshaft is the V8 JavaScript engine’s optimizing compiler, a helpful little fellow built into the V8 engine that is designed to improve the performance of our JavaScript applications. But how does it work? In this talk, we’ll deconstruct the internals of the Crankshaft compiler, discuss the process it goes through to optimize our code and the results of these optimizations, and examine how we might leverage our understanding of the internals in our day to day development work.

About Safia Abdella
Safia a data scientist and software engineer with an interest in open source software and data science for social good. She is one of the maintainers of nteract, a desktop-based interactive computing experience and the organizer of PyData Chicago. In her free time, she enjoys running, working out, and drinking tea.