KotlinConf 2018

KotlinConf 2018 - New Type Inference and Related Language Features by Svetlana Isakova

3rd October 2018

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NOTE! There’s a typo in the slides: should be T!! = T & Any instead of T!! = T & Any?. T!! is a non-nullable type, and intersecting T with a non-nullable Any expresses that.

The new reworked type inference engine of Kotlin brings many new features that can be tried in experimental mode in 1.3. Besides just getting smarter and more predictable, this also brings a powerful data flow contract facility and some annotations to provide useful hints for type inference. This talk will provide a deep dive into the Kotlin type inference and what it will bring us in future versions.

About the Presenter:
Svetlana Isakova has worked on the Kotlin language at JetBrains. She’s co-authored the book Kotlin in Action and now is a Developer Advocate, where she spends her time teaching Kotlin and speaking at conferences worldwide.