KotlinConf 2018

KotlinConf 2018 - Kotlin and TornadoFX: The Next Frontier in Modern (Meta)Programming by Amanda

3rd October 2018

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With growing complexity in our software systems, technology companies now dedicate greater effort to design product infrastructure to ensure modularity, low-cost solutions, and scalability. Object Oriented Programming (OOP)'s tendency of designing object-models for domain solutions in addition to its merits in handling large data and reducing complexity makes its usage a natural choice in the industry. Despite universal usage, Java's limitations in language techniques fail to capture all domain design decisions in a cohesive manner. This issue describes aspects of relational domains, in which scattering and tangling between mapped sources and targets forces large-scale projects to sacrifice domains that guarantees quality software. Kotlin's open-source community is active, its uses are ever-expanding, and its future is bright. This session intends to analyze a general definition of crosscutting and how it affects growing software, how Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) attempts to tackle crosscutting, shortcomings in Java's current approaches in reflexive programming, and subsequently discuss my experiences with TornadoFX in solving day-to-day business inefficiencies through my first attempt at metaprogramming. Exploration through examples will provide insight in Kotlin's approaches to metaprogramming intended to expose Kotln's predisposition to AOP. By harnessing the power of Kotlin, we can make strides in creating a foundation for rational framework for metaprogramming.

About Amanda Hinchman-Dominguez:
A Grinnell '17 alum from the sunny state of Florida. Merely at the beginning but specializes in UI development producing large-scale projects in sales enablement. College provided experience for data-driven development for analysis in social inquiry, Android development, as well as front-end engineering internships at Prudential and Cisco. More notably, a sculpture artist.