KotlinConf 2018

KotlinConf 2018 - Kotlin a Great Fit for the Ethereum Ecosystem by

3rd October 2018

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I want to talk about the usage of Kotlin in the Ethereum ecosystem. Kotlin and Ethereum are a great fit. Not only for writing Android wallet apps like WallETH (http://walleth.org | https://github.com/walleth/walleth) - but also for libraries like KEthereum (https://github.com/walleth/kethereum) or scripts like used in the Ethereum lists project (https://github.com/ethereum-lists) or even developing Ethereum dApps for IoT with Android-Things. This talk also gives an outlook what might happen in the future. Perhaps we can improve smart-contract development with Kotlin at some point? eWASM might be the gateway to this bright future in which we might even be able to use Idea based IDEs to develop smart-contracts and share code between the different edges and contracts. Lastly there's a look over the Ethereum horizon into other parts of the wider decentralized ecosystem. We look at interfacing the Interplatenary Filesystem (IPFS) with Kotlin (https://github.com/ligi/IPFSDroid | https://github.com/ligi/ipfs-api-kotlin)

About Marcus Ligi:
Love computers since I got my C128D as a teen Studied computer science in my twenties Strong interest in mobile computing with dark J2ME times early on Loving Android since publicly available. Currently hooked by the idea of a decentralized and fairer future.