KotlinConf 2018

KotlinConf 2018 - GraphQL Powered by Kotlin by Annyce Davis

3rd October 2018

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GraphQL is a query language for your API. This allows you to interact with your existing web services and databases in a new way. Instead of relying on a predetermined output structure from your API, you can "query" it and choose only the fields that you're interested in. In this talk, learn what GraphQL is all about and how you can take advantage of it in your applications.

A few key GraphQL terms we cover are:
* Fields/Types
* Variables
* Queries/Mutations

We explore how you can create a GraphQL Server with a stack written entirely in Kotlin. Then we'll take a look at how you can integrate the Apollo Client library inside of a Kotlin-powered Android application. GraphQL isn't going away, so here's your chance to get a grip on this exciting technology!

About the Presenter:
Annyce Davis is an Android Google Developer Expert. She has spent the past 6 years developing applications for the Android ecosystem across multiple form factors. She is also an international conference speaker and author, sharing her knowledge of Android development with others. In addition, Annyce is active in the Washington, DC tech scene and assists with running a local meetup focused on Android development and design.