KotlinConf 2018

KotlinConf 2018 - Architecting a Kotlin JVM and JS Multiplatform Project by Felipe Lima

3rd October 2018

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Kotlin multiplatform support is a powerful feature that allows us to share code between multiple projects across platforms where it wasn't previously simple or even possible. In this talk we explore how to take advantage of this feature by dissecting a project that uses concepts like expect/actual keywords, expectedBy, typealiases, javascript interop and more. By the end, attendees will have a solid understanding of how to get started and build their own Kotlin projects leveraging multiplatform support and code sharing.

About the Presenter:
Felipe Lima is a Brazilian engineer with over 10 years of experience who is passionate about clean and maintainable code, functional programming and, obviously, Kotlin. Currently works at Airbnb on developer infrastructure.