KotlinConf 2017

KotlinConf 2017 - Understand Every Line of Your Codebase by Victoria Gonda and Boris Farber

2nd November 2017

Kotlin allows us to write more concise and expressive code. Does this come at the cost of understanding it? In this talk we will learn about how each and every Kotlin statement is compiled down to a class file, and use some inspection tools to apply this to our own codebase. You will walk away from this investigation with a deeper understanding of Kotlin, and the tools for continued exploration.

Victoria Gonda is a software developer at Collective Idea, building mobile and web applications. She is passionate about using technology to help better the lives of individuals. Studying both Computer Science and Dance in college, she now enjoys digging into dance technology, and keeping up with dance classes in her spare time.

Boris Farber is a Senior Partner Engineer at Google. He holds an M.Sc. in computer science and an M.B.A. in marketing. Boris is connecting Google technology to customers and partners, focusing on Android binary analysis and performance optimisations. In addition Boris leads ClassyShark (https://github.com/google/android-classyshark), a popular open-source Android & Java executables browser.