KotlinConf 2017

KotlinConf 2017 - How to Kontribute by Yoshinori Isogai

2nd November 2017

Do you want to send patches to Kotlin? Do you want to know what is the best practice of Kotlin development? Do you want JetBrains to list your name in Kotlin blog? This is the talk for you!

This talk explains how to send patches to Kotlin (mainly Kotlin plugin) repository as an external contributor.

The expected audience should know the following:
* Git/GitHub
* Kotlin syntax

The expected outlines are the following:
* Setup development environment
* Communicating with other developers
* Developing one of Kotlin plugin features
* Implementing unit tests
* Sending a pull request

After this talk, you will be ready to send pull requests to one of the best computer languages in the world!

I (shiraji @ GitHub) started my career as a Java developer in 2007. From 2015, I began to contribute to Android/iOS libraries and Intellij plugins. When I read PermissionsDispatcher, which is one of best Android runtime permission libraries, I met Kotlin. Sooner or later, I fell in love with Kotlin. Because I really love it, since July 2016, I have been contributing Kotlin.