KotlinConf 2017

KotlinConf 2017 - Building Languages Using Kotlin by Federico Tomassetti

2nd November 2017

Languages are the tools that best determine our productivity. As developers we are in the position of forging such tools and all the other elements they need for support: compilers, editors, simulators and more.

Developing such an ecosystem used to require a huge effort, but today we can use our new super-power: Kotlin. By leveraging its concise syntax and its metaprogramming capabilities, we can create Domain Specific Languages at a much lower cost.

This means we can use DSLs in a context where it was not economically sensible before. With a pragmatic approach to building DSLs.

Federico Tomassetti is an independent Software Architect specialized in Language Engineering. He builds languages, editors, parsers, compilers, and interpreters. After getting his Ph.D. he has worked in Italy, Germany, Ireland, and France. He worked for small companies and large ones like TripAdvisor and Groupon. Currently he works remotely with companies from all over the world.