Gopherpalooza 2018

Gopherpalooza 2018 - Ian Lance Taylor: Transition to Go 2

12th October 2018

Transition to Go 2 by Ian Lance Taylor

The Go programming language is taking the next step in its evolution, toward Go 2. This talk will discuss the challenges of the transition process of language changes in general and how Go should navigate them.

Ian Lance Taylor has been writing free software since 1990 and Go since 2008. He is a member of the Go team. He is the primary author of the Go frontend for GCC, the gold linker, and Taylor UUCP.

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Music courtesy of Brett Buddin (from modular audio synthesizers he's built in Go!) Thanks Brett!

Gopher characters are based on the Go mascot designed by Renée French ( and copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license ( Thanks Renée!

The "I left my heart in San Francisco" gophers were created by Egon Elbre ( Thanks Egon!