Gopherpalooza 2018

Gopherpalooza 2018 - Christopher Biscardi: Going GraphQL

12th October 2018

Going GraphQL by Christopher Biscardi

GraphQL is most often associated with JavaScript but Go provides a better long term platform for GraphQL services. In this talk we’ll cover the motivations for adopting GraphQL client-facing APIs, contrasting it with the more common REST approach. Then we’ll move into talking about the Schema Definition Language and how to think about implementing a GraphQL service on top of existing infrastructure. Attendees will walk away knowing why and how to implement GraphQL for querying and mutating data, as well as surface knowledge of, and pointers to, more advanced topics like batching, caching, authentication, and subscriptions.

Christopher Biscardi currently spends his time helping startups accelerate the rate at which they build product using emerging technologies such as GraphQL and CSS-in-JS. He previously built the UI team at Docker, the Design Systems team at Dropbox, and has applied Golang to solve problems for Docker, Honeycomb and a variety of other startups since being introduced to it in 2014.

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