Gopherpalooza 2018

Gopherpalooza 2018 - Cassandra Salisbury: Growing a Community of Gophers

12th October 2018

Growing a Community of Gophers by Cassandra Salisbury

What it the true impact of community? In this talk we will go over what is important for community health, and what makes a healthy open source project. We will discuss how community has affected Gophers all over the world, and how individuals become leaders in their regions. Last, we will dig into how to get involved in the community in meaningful, tangible ways.

Cassandra Salisbury is an open source strategist, and a developer relations program manager on the Go team. She is a core team member of GoBridge where she focuses on increasing diversity and mindfulness in the Go community. She is an organizer for the GoSF meetup, and is a co-organizer of Gopherpalooza. Cassandra is an avid karaoke fan, finds relief from stress by cooking and is a Bay Area native.

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Music courtesy of Brett Buddin (from modular audio synthesizers he's built in Go!) Thanks Brett!

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