Gopherpalooza 2018

Gopherpalooza 2018 - Aarti Parikh: Evolution of serialization formats and usage in Go

12th October 2018

Evolution of serialization formats and usage in Go by Aarti Parikh

Serialization formats abound in the industry. They are at the edge of all interactions between systems in our increasingly connected world. This talk walks through how various serialization formats evolved and how they are used in Go. No matter which format you use there will be pros and cons. How do you pick the right one for your project? When do you implement a custom format? Some of these questions will be explored by analyzing go’s net/rpc vs grpc, the encoding package in Go, implementing custom encoders, binary vs text formats. XML/JSON/protobufs/flatbuffers/capnproto/SBE’s to name a few. At the end of the talk, the user will have an understanding of various formats and standards and some examples of usage in the real world which should help them in future system design decisions.

Aarti Parikh is a software engineer manager with a decade of experience building teams and products for the Internet, IoT and now Fintech. In her last project, she managed the wholesale rewrite of several C services to Go, which greatly reduced bugs and increased developer velocity. Engineering Manager, PayPal.

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