Gopherpalooza 2018

Gopherpalooza 2018 - Aaron Schlesinger: Bring Sanity to your Dependencies

12th October 2018

Bring Sanity to your Dependencies with Go Modules and Proxy Servers by Aaron Schlesinger

Go 1.11 introduces Go modules - the new dependency management system for Go. It’s a massive step forward for the community because we can build proxy servers to host packages, instead of relying on Github. The Athens Project is a proxy server for Go modules and the “NPM for Go.”

Aaron Schlesinger is a developer advocate at Microsoft Azure and a core maintainer of the Athens Project. Before Athens, he was a core maintainer and chair of the Kubernetes SIG-Service-Catalog and a contributor to various other projects in the Kubernetes community.

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Music courtesy of Brett Buddin (from modular audio synthesizers he's built in Go!) Thanks Brett!

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