try! Swift NYC 2018

Getting Started with Apple ML

4th September 2018

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Topic - Getting Started with Apple ML

Speaker - Audrey Tam

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Bio - Audrey Tam retired at the end of 2012 from a 25-year career as a computer science academic. Before moving to Australia, she worked on simulation software at IBM's development lab in Silicon Valley. Audrey now teaches short courses in iOS app development to non-programmers and writes/records content for

Abstract - You want to add ML to your apps but you think you need to study a lot of math and write Python and you can’t find the time? Think again: Apple’s Create ML gets you started in the comfort of Xcode and Swift! No math needed :]. Create ML is brilliant for getting you started with ML. It makes it easy to try different datasets — getting your data right is actually the hardest and most time consuming part of ML. Once you get started with ML, you won’t want to wait / hope for Apple to add more models to Create ML. To help you explore the ML universe that’s written in Python, I’ll reduce the fright factor by comparing Create ML Swift with Turi Create Python, and showing you how to quick-start your exploration of Turi Create. And I’ll point you to Keras and scikit-learn, in case you want to roll your own models.

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