try! Swift NYC 2018

Effective Core Data with Swift

4th September 2018

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Topic - Effective Core Data with Swift

Speaker - Tom Harrington

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Bio - Tom is a veteran iOS and Mac developer and a radio DJ at 91.5 FM KRCC in Colorado Springs. He organizes iOSDevCamp Colorado Springs, an annual software developer conference. Tom has co-authored several books for iOS developers as well as the 'Text from Xcode' blog. Originally from New York, Tom has made his home in Colorado Springs for many years. When not at work or on the radio Tom can be found bicycling Colorado or playing didgeridoo music.

Abstract - Core Data brings a lot of power to an app and continues to evolve, but it can have rough spots when you're working in Swift. What if you want to save an enum pr a struct? Does it help if your data is Codable? What's the best way to create Swift-friendly model classes? This session will cover techniques and gotchas for integrating Core Data with your Swift code

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