PHP UK Conference 2012

Building... apps with Phing, by Michiel Rook

24th February 2012

Building and deploying applications with Phing

Building and deploying an application can be tedious and error-prone. Using Phing's rich set of tasks, easy extension points and simple XML build files to handle the building, packaging, deploying and testing of your application can help you save time and increase quality.

During this talk you will be introduced to the workings of Phing, and how to tailor the tool to your specific situation. A number of demonstrations will help illustrate file transformation, database migration, packaging, application deployment and other real-world use cases.

Michiel Rook is a ZCE and holds a Master's degree in Computer Science, and runs a PHP/Java contracting and consulting business in the Netherlands. He's been working with PHP for over ten years and is currently the lead developer of the Phing project. In his precious spare time he enjoys music, sports and movies.